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Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer, Michael J. Zarrella, has been serving the criminal defense needs of Rhode Island for almost 20 years. Attorney Zarrella is focused on how to best represent all of his clients, no matter what the criminal charge. Attorney Zarrella is a trial lawyer that has handled some of the most serious offenses and complex criminal cases in Rhode Island. Not many lawyers practice criminal defense, and even fewer lawyers have tried cases before a jury. It is important to hire a criminal defense lawyer that has the knowledge and background to win your criminal case. Not everyone who is charged with a crime is guilty and not every person who is guilty deserves a punishment that will negatively effect them for the rest of their lives.

If you have been arrested for a crime, you likely are feeling scared, confused and hopeless. It is frightening to feel the enormous resources of the State working against you. Remember that just because you have been arrested does not mean you will be convicted. Those defendants who have a lawyer who is willing to fight and challenge the State can often avoid convictions and get their case dismissed or reduced to lesser chrarges.

Attorney Zarrella is focused on getting the best results possible for all of his clienrts. Whether it is a dismissal, reduction of charges or a win after a trial, Attorney Zarrella will not stop fighting and will guide you with confidence every step of the way. He will make sure that you understand all of the legal issues, defenses and consequences involved in your criminal case.

Attorney Zarrella understands that every client considers his or her own case to be the most important case in his office. He will always fight for the best results for every client he represents.

Why Should I Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Any person in Rhode Island who is arrested for a criminal charge, no matter how slight, will profit from conferring with a skilled criminal defense attorney. The right criminal defense lawyer will provide a defendant with the understanding of the charges against him or her, the available defenses to him or her, as well as what plea bargains can be fought for and what the result may be to the defendant.

Attorney Zarrella knows that a criminal defense lawyer's primary function is to ensure that his clients are afforded all of the protections of the laws and of the Rhode Island and U.S. Constitutions. Attorney Zarrella will make every effort to have his client found not guilty of the charges no matter what the circumstances surrounding the case are.

A good defense lawyer will spot significant pretrial issues, which will help a defendant in his or her quest to improve their situation and in certain cases lead to the dismissal of the criminal charges.

Under Rhode Island law, different dispositions can have a great effect on a person's long term consequences. For example, certain dispositions can automatically come off a defendant's record, such as filings and deferred sentences. Other dispositions may not be considered criminal convictions, such as probation, sentences without a suspened sentence or fine. That is why having a criminal defense lawyer such as Attorney Zarrella is so important. Attorney Zarrella not only will help you in your effort to win your criminal case, he will also explain the different effects that the numerous types of pleas will have on your future. Don't go at it alone or with a lawyer that does not have the sophisticated knowledge of criminal defense. Go to court with an attormey who will fight for you, and will give you the best chance to win your case or get you the best plea bargain available.

Criminal Defense Attorney Benefits at a Trial.

Criminal defense lawyer, Michael J. Zarrella, will assist you if your case proceeds to a criminal trial. He will analyze your case and diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the State's case. Accordingly, Attorney Zarrella will sit down with you and work together with you to come up with the best defense strategies for your case. Attorney Zarrella has many trial victories, he has tried and won cases thoughout the state of Rhode Island. Whether it is a jury trail or a bench trial , Attorney Zarrella has the experience and know-how to win your case. A jury trial is a form of art, every attorney will attempt one during their legal career. Attorney Zarrella has been trying cases for 20 years and he has won cases that other lawyers were afraid to try. If your case is going to trial you can't risk you future! You need a lawyer who will give you the best chance of winning your trial. Hire Attorney Michael J. Zarrella today!

A Good Lawyer Can Often Get a Favorable Plea Bargain.

Though hard work and knowledge of criminal defense law, Attorney Zarrella can also help convince the court and prosecutors to drop charges against his clients based on insufficient evidence, improper procedure or mitigating circumstances. Often clients do not want to risk a trial; they may fear the consequences if they were to lose. That is why it is important that your lawyer fights hard for a favorable plea bargin. The plea bargin can be helpful in many ways, charges can get reduced from felonies to misdemeanors, other times cases that had required mandatory jail, fines or license suspension can be reduced to chrages that do not. Cases dealing with a non-citizen charge can often be reduced to a charge that does not carry deportation. Attorney Zarrella will help you in your effort to get the best results available. He will fight hard to get you the best disposition possible. Whether a felony drug charge reduced to a misdemeanor, a DUI reduced to a reckless, a breaking and entrering reduced to a tresspassing or domestic assault reduced to a disorderly conduct, Attorney Zarrella will fight to protect you, your rights and your record.

Aggressive Criminal Defense.

Attorney Zarrella aggressively defends all of his clients' rights and freedoms. Whether, you been charged with a misdemeanor, felony or capital case Attorney Zarrella will deliver a strong and an effective defense of your criminal charge. The decisions a client makes at the onset of his or her case may impact his or her ability to successfully mount an effective defense. You must have a skilled, respected criminal defense attorney to represent you. Otherwise, often you will not receive the best outcome possible.

Attorney Zarrella Has a Track Record of Successful Criminal Defense

Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer, Michael J. Zarrella, has been winning all types of criminal cases thoughout Rhode Island for 20 years. Whether it is a charge involving a DUI, domestic violence, drugs, white collar crimes or capital cases, Attorney Zarrella has the experience to help you to win your case.

Michael Zarrella is your leading Rhode island criminal defense lawyer dedicated to the aggressive representation of clients involving all aspects of Rhode Island criminal defense.