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The Need for a Disorderly Conduct Defense Lawyer

Under Rhode Island Law disorderly conduct is considered a petty misdemeanor. However, the repercussions of a disorderly conduct charge may have a very lasting effect on your criminal record and your life. The charge of disorderly conduct carries a maximum penalty of six (6) months at the ACI, or a maximum of five hundred dollars ($500), or both. Often people go into court and plead to a disorderly conduct charge not realizing he impact it will have on them. If you plead to a disorderly conduct charge and receive either probation, a fine or a jail sentence you will not be able to remove that sentence for a minumum of 5 years after your sentence expires. In addition, if you have more than one probationary sentence you may never get your record expundged or sealed.

A good criminlal defense lawyer can explain the impact of a disorderly conduct plea and how it may effect you life. The Law Offices of Michael J. Zarrella has been helping people with the criminal charges for two decades. Attorney Zarrella will help you fight your charge to best to ensure a dismissal or a sentence that will not have a lasting impact on you. Many disorderly conduct cases are difficult for the state to prove. Often the police will arrest someone who is just envoking their freedom of speech and not acting in a disorderly fashion. Other times the police have weak cases based on the lack of evidence. Whatever the case, do not go at in alone. Attorney Zarrella has had numerous disorderly conduct cases dismissed.

Criminal pleas have serious ramifications. If you are charged with any crime, including disorderly conduct, you should talk to a Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer. Even if you believe yourself to be innocent, the state will not just dismiss your case. Rhode Island Attorney Zarrella can help you when you go to court, and will prepare a vigorous defense in an attempt to get all your charges dismissed.

What Is Disorderly Conduct under Rhode island Law?

The crime of disorderly conduct can be committed in many different ways, under Rhode Island law.

Under Rhode Island § 11-45-1  you are guilty of disorderly conduct if you intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly act in one of the following 7 ways:

  • if you fight or engage another person by threatening or violent behavior
  • if you make loud and excessive noises in a public place or near someone's private residence
  • if you say offensive words likely to provoke a violent reaction in a public place
  • if you block a street, sidewalk, or other thoroughfare which is a public walk though
  • if you physically obstruct a lawful meeting or gathering, or
  • if you peer into another home, or a restroom, dressing room, or other private place without the occupant’s permission and for some sexual purpose.

Any criminal conviction can have serious consequences. If you are charged with disorderly conduct or a related crime, even if the charges arise from seemingly innocent misbehavior, you should talk to a Rhode Island criminal defense attorney. Only an experienced attorney can tell you what to expect in court and how to prepare the strongest possible defense.

Additionally,  Rhode Island General Law § 11-45-2  Indecent exposure – Disorderly conduct, is also a disorderly conduct if a person exposes his or her genitals to the view of another for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification. This crime, unlike11-45-1, is not a petty misdemeanor, in that the maximum penalty is 1 year at the ACI, a fine not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), counseling or all. Further, a second conviction under this statute becomes a felony which carrys a maximum penalty of 3 years.