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Under Rhode Island law, the crime of robbery is a theft crime which involves the use or threat of force or violence. Due to the violent nature of the crime of robbery, the prosecutors in the state of Rhode Island are very harsh and aggressive in their prosecution of those individuals charged with the crime. If you have been charged with the crime of robbery, it is critical that you begin your defense of that charge with a highly experienced robbery defense attorney such as Michael J. Zarrella.

Attorney Zarrella has been defending individuals charged with robbery for two decades. Michael Zarrella aggressively investigates each and every case to determine the facts of the case and identify inconsistencies with the prosecution's interpretation of those facts. Attorney Zarrella will defend each client and depending on the facts and circumstances of each case will seek to obtain a dismissal of the charge, a reduction of the charge to a less serious offense, or a not guilty jury trial verdict. Attorney Zarrella is an experienced trial attorney and does not hesitate to request a jury trial if the case merits a trial. Don't take chances with the charge of robbery. Make sure to hire an experienced and aggressive attorney such as Michael J. Zarrella.

Rhode Island First and Second Degree Robbery and Penalties

Pursuant to Rhode Island law, an individual is guilty of the crime of first degree robbery if the individual does the following:

1. commits the robbery by the use of a dangerous weapon;

2. commits the robbery where a victim is injured; or

3. Commits the robbery where the victim is a person who is either severly impaired or an elderly person.

The penalties of the crime of first degree robbery are imprisionment for not less than ten (10) years and may be imprisioned for life or fined not more than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) or both.

Second degree robbery under Rhode Island law is when an individual committs robbery or other larceny from a person by force or threat where there is no weapon and no injury and the victim is neither a severely impaired person or an elderly person.

The penalties of a conviction of second degree robbery are imprisionment for not less than five (5) years nor more than thirty (30) years or fined not more than ten thousand dollares ($10,000) or both.

Anyone charged with the crime of robbery may looking at serving a long jail sentence. In addition, a robbery conviction will haunt you and your loved ones for the rest of your life. A conviction on a first degree robbery will permanently effect your BCI record, employment opportunities and reputation in the community. In order to have any chance of avoiding the severe penalties, you need to hire an attorney with experience successfully defending these types of charges. Michael Zarrella has the experience; he has been winning robbery cases as well as other criminal charges for two decades. He has the know-how and the drive to fight the state to get you the best resolution available on your case.

A defendant can be held without bail on robbery and other capital cases.

Because first degree roberry is considered a capiltal case, you need an attorney to get you out on bail.

Notwithstanding the fact that you should never wait to hire a criminal defense lawyer after being arrested, it is even more important to secure defense counsel when being charged with a capital case. Under Rhode Island Law, a person charged with a capital case, such as first degree robbery, may be held without bail until the case is disposed of. If a defendant in a criminal proceeding is held without bail, they can often sit at the ACI for many months while they wait for their case to be charged and disposed of.

The effects of being held without bail in a criminal proceeding are disasterous. First and foremost, anybody held without bail loses their freedom. It does not matter that defendants are often found NOT GUILTY after trial, a person can not get back the freedom he lost while sitting in prison. In addition, a defendant not behind bars can often provide much more assistance to his lawyer than those behind bars . For these reasons as well as many more it is vital that you hire an expirenced criminal defense lawyer that will secure bail for you or a loved one. Contact Attorney Zarrella today to begin your defense.