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The need for a Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

It would be very difficult to find an area of criminal law that has more innocent people falsely accused and convicted than those associated sex crimes crimes, such as rape, sexual assault and child molestion. Though-out the State of Rhode Island may lives have been ruined by false accusations and severe consquenses of a conviction. People are often falsy accused of a sex crime, for reason that have nothing to do with the crime its self. Revenge, jelously and child custidy battles can often lead to a false aligation.

If you been charged in Rhode island for a sex crime, it is very urgent that your hire a crimnal defense attorney that is accomplished in the field of sex crimes defense. You need a lawyer that will right for you and your freedom. The consiquence of a sex crime conviction are imense, not only will you face long jail time but you will also have to registure as a sex offender and be prandished for life.

The Law Offices of Michael J. Zarrella has been defending people for 20 years, Michael J. Zarrella has a tract record of going to tral and winning sex crimes. Weather it rape, child molestion or sexual assault, he will help you in your effort to get your case dismissed. Many attorneys claim to be a trial lawyer but have never done a jury trial , you need a courtroom lawyer that will fight for you, not one how gets scared when they here the would trial. The Law Offices of Michael J. Zarrella had the reseme you need in an all out effort to get you case dismissed.

Sex Crime Defenses and the complaintin witness motivation.

Often when a innocent person is accused of a sex crime, the false accustion stems the accusers motivation to hurt the defendant. May sexual crime charges are often based on the just word of the complaining witness, therefore the foundation for the complaint and his or her backdrop become highly germane to sex crimes defense stagery. Although there are numerous reasons people would make up a false accustion some of the more common resons are as follows.

Lying about consensual sex.


Child custody disputes.


These examples are often the sole motivation for a person to accuse someone of a sex crime.

Suppression of Evidence in a sex crime case.

Often in a sex case the police will seize photographs, computer files, videos, phones, tablets or other records. In these cases, the police must follow very strict search and seizure guidelines in accordance with the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. Evidence that is Illegally obtained cannot be used against you in court. In sex crimes cases, often a motion to suppress can be a very effective weapon used by experienced sex crimes defense attorneys such as Michael Zarrella.

Sex Crime Convictions Require Registration Under Rhode Island Law

There are many statues under Rhode Island law in which a plea of guilty or no lo contendre will lead to automatic registration. Often the registration portion of a sentence is the most onerous part of the sentence. When a person must register, it puts a black mark on them in the community and makes it very difficult for that person to become employable. That is why it is so important to hire a knoweledgable and experienced defense attorney like Attorney Zarrella to help you in your effort to get your sex crime or registration offense dismissed or reduced to a non-registration offense.

Under Rhode Island law the following crimes are considered offenses that require an individual to register if convicted;

    Sexual Assault

      First (1st) Degree Sexual Assault or Rape

      Second (2nd) Degree Sexual Assault

      Third (3rd) Degree Sexual Assault or Statutory Rape


    Child Molestation

      First (1st) Degree Child Molestation

      Second (2nd) Degree Child Molestation

    Indecent solicitation of a child.

    Video voyeurism (where the victim is under 18 years old)

    Soliciting an incompetent person

    Exploitation for commercial or immoral purposes.

    Kidnapping of a minor (where the victim of the offense is sixteen (16) years of age or older and under the age of eighteen (18) years)

    Enticement of children

    Child pornography

    Failure to register or verify his or her address

    Murder (where the murder was committed in the perpetration of, or attempted perpetration of, kidnapping and where the victim of the offense is under eighteen (18) years of age)

    Assault with intent to commit specified felonies (where the specified felony is sexual assault)

If you have been charged, arrested, or investigated for any of these crimes it is vital that you contact an Attorney who will aggressively defend your rights and protect you as soon as possible.

Hire Criminal and Sex Crime Defenses Lawyer Michael J. Zarrella

For two decades, the Law Offices of Michael J. Zarrella has been dedicated to the protection of his clients' constitutional rights and freedoms. If you retain Attorney Zarrella as your lawyer, he will help you to understand the charges against you, your defenses to those charges, and all of the possible outcomes to the case. You will also be getting a lawyer who has won numerous jury trials involving sex crimes. Attorney Zarrella prides himself on his many trial victories. If you have a defendable case, he will take it to trial in an all out effort to win. You and your loved ones can't afford to have lesser legal representation. Call today!